My Name is Brian,

I’m a Special- Needs father, coffee shop manager, amateur chef, full time caregiver, nurse, neurologist, dietician, respiratory therapist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, not very good comedian, king of all dad jokes, and of course car karaoke champion.

My daughter Hannah was diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly when she was born, and we have been on an epic journey every since. every day is a new surprise. every day is cherished. I can’t guarantee this will all be G rated, as life itself isn’t G-rated. but i’ll do my very best to keep it at most PG-13 for the little ears at home.

I am part of a very active Homebrewing community where I make beer, Cider, wine, and mead. These friends I have made have helped support me through this journey. to all of them…thank you.

I also have a very active support group in Families for HoPE and HoPE DADS. to all these fine men, thank you for walking this life with me, and for sharing your journeys so I can continue to navigate mine. I love you guys.

But seriously, this is my Blog for all those things Special-Needs dads. I’ll share stories, resources, news and updates on my daughter, as well as just muse about how my daughter has influenced my every day life. everything I share is real, raw, and sometimes emotional…but that Ok we are going to cut out that trope of the Macho Dad figure and get to the reality of being a dad with a very special little girl who, lets face it has had me wrapped around her finger since she entered this world.

I hope these writings make you smile, make you laugh, and sometimes make you cry a little. the world we live in is a wild and crazy one. It is full of ups and downs, one step forward and two steps back. so buckle up, grab a beer, and if you have questions I am always willing to talk!

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